Tips for a Great Tech Talk

speaking, tech talk, business leaders, world renowned speakersAs I travelled to Vienna just recently I was familiar with the start-up scene a bit. In the last week I was there alone, there had been at least 19 tech meetups in the city. A fast search on exposes 46 tech-related meetup groups at the time of this writing, and there’s even a site committed to noting all the meetups weekly. Throughout my time there, I have discovered that regional tech meetups are an excellent method to find out and enhance myself as a developer, in addition to being a good method to interact with the community and get familiar with some cool individuals in a brand-new city.

As excellent as these meetups are, there have actually been a couple of celebrations where a talk was so bad that I might nearly physically feel the life being drained from the space. I ‘d like discuss exactly what makes an excellent tech talk, and I presume that there exist a couple of basic aspects that prevail to the majority of the bad talks I have experienced. Additionally, I presume that it is within the capability of any speaker, despite experience, to improve on these points and hence increase the general quality and worth of the talk.

This conversation is tailored to tech talks at the regional user group level, instead of the worldwide conference level which guarantees world renowned speakers.


What Is “Great”?

“Great”: A terribly basic term which would most likely cost me a grade if this were an creative writing course. It is likewise a term which needs some requirements by which we can all comprehend exactly what I indicate when I utilize it.

I propose that an excellent tech talk consists of a higher degree of the following qualities:


Interest can be created in numerous methods, consisting of appropriate topic, engaging shipment, entertaining or informing slides, and so on. It is a bad thing if the audience is jointly longing for the speak with end.

Effective Communication

Interaction might be rendered inefficient by such things as a failure to specify terms or context, bad narrative structure, a delivery that is challenging to hear or comprehend, or a speaker that is simply plain unengaging and apathetic. It is a bad thing if, in spite of a pertinent subject, the audience is not able to follow and understand exactly what the speaker is attempting to get across.


Following are numerous elements which can affect the two elements above, for much better or for even worse.


Specify The Issue, Supply A Context

I have seen a number of talks where the speaker nearly instantly loses half of the audience by failing to offer any context for the subject she or he is going over.

By failing to specify the issue it fixes or other type of context, the speaker has actually omitted the unavoidable group of guests who do not already understand it. Although they might have the ability to obtain this info from the rest of the talk, the speaker has unnecessarily put the onus on the audience to find exactly what he is speaking about.

As an audience member, as soon as the speaker has lost you, it hard to get back on track. I understand from individual experience that after 10 minutes of being in slack-jawed bemusement, even the feeling of a percentage of dribble leaving from the corner of my mouth may not suffice to snap me back into the space.


Naturally, it is inescapable that not everybody will have the ability to stay up to date with every talk. The audience will constantly have differing levels of understanding and experience. However by failing to specify the issue or the terms utilized in its service, the speaker will undoubtedly lose lots of those who otherwise would’ve had the ability to follow and gain from the talk.

If there is some doubt whether the meaning of a term you utilize will be comprehended by all, it costs little to describe its significance in a succinct sentence or 2, and might well maintain the attention and engagement of an entire area of your audience.


Right Levels of Abstraction

As a software application designer, you might well recognize the principle of varying levels of abstraction. Abstraction permits us to interact about bigger and more intricate principles in a workable method. Certainly, whenever we interact we are running at some level of abstraction or other, given that language itself is simply abstract signs representing the genuine aspects of which we speak. For that reason, in a tech talk, the speaker should recognize that at various times, varying levels of abstraction are required.

This idea would likewise use the other method, i.e. a really particular concern requiring a comprehensive, nitty-gritty action might be responded to in too basic or unclear method. Nevertheless, in my experience, providing too top-level a response is rarely the issue. I picture that this is because, having understanding in one domain, it is simple to forget that not everybody else understands exactly what you understand. Certainly, things which might be self-evident or good sense from your viewpoint might not be so to your audience.



Reflect to your school imaginative writing classes, where you discovered that a story ought to have a start, a middle, and an ending. I recommend that a tech talk needs to likewise have an intentional structure. I personally discovered that the talks most rewarding and unforgettable occur when the speaker leads me through the material, at each phase generating an interest that she or he then goes on to solve with the next point.


Balance of Substance, Design & Delivery

Tech talks at their finest need to be not just useful, but also amusing. If we merely wished to be notified, it is most likely more effective to check out the docs or discover a screencast or something like that. When you see a skilled speaker at a global conference, they generally strike an excellent balance of entertainment and details.

By substance, I mean the difficult info that you are wanting to impart to the audience– the information of how the library works, how you carried out X, why one ought to think about utilizing Y, exactly what is a Coogan distribution, and so on

By design, I imply the method which you provide the details. Typically, this is done by revealing slides or code or demonstrations, or some mix of these.

By delivery, I imply the method with which you interact to your audience. This consists of such things as your manner, your mindset, and whether you have the ability to truly engage with the audience, instead of simply talking in their basic instructions.

These 3 elements ought to all be offered as crucial factors to consider, and if several are discovered substantially lacking in a talk, the overall talk is most likely to be dull and unengaging.


I do not anticipate every speaker at a regional meetup to have the general public speaking skills or charm of popular tech business leaders, it’s definitely worth acknowledging that the design and delivery of the discussion are necessary aspects– some may state much more essential than the material itself.